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Stories Behind The Songs


Please listen to Ricki Bellos tell the "Stories Behind The Songs".  In these approximately 5-minute audios, she explains how each song was conceived, and how they developed, including excerpts from the songs.



Moon Creek
Second Chance
New Love
Saddest Thing
About That
Red Rose
Feels Like Love
Free As A Bird
Sometimes Not
Motel Room
Plains Girl
Some Of The Lost


Let Me In
They'll Never Know
Dividing Up
On Your Own
Lost On A Breeze
Let You Go
Nothing I've Done
You Run
Everything I Feel
Earth, Peace, Love
No Long Goodbyes
Can't Say It Enough


Do It Right
If I Close My Eyes
If I Ever Saw You Again
If This Is Love
Buffalo Alice
If I Find You
Why Can't You Say I Love You
Out Of Place
Wish You Well

Thank you for listening to our Stories Behind The Songs.  We hope you enjoy them.  Coming soon:  Stories Behind The Songs for our brand new Sound Judgment CD, so please check back here soon.


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