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Our Story

Songwriters Jim Purtell and Ricki E. Bellos met through a Songwriters of Wisconsin International meeting and Jim was impressed with a critique Ricki did of one of his songs.  A few days later, Jim sought out Ricki and asked if she’d like to tinker with some of his lyrics on a song called "If This Is Love" and he was impressed with her work.

Since that time, June 2010, Jim and Ricki have partnered up (Jim writes the melodies and Ricki writes the lyrics) and written over eighty songs in a variety of styles as exemplified on their new 2011 release entitled AECOS (an eclectic collection of songs) featuring Jon Statham and Lisa Mowry, produced by Jon Statham and Jim Hendrick.  Jim Purtell was the executive producer for the CD.

Music fans who are drawn to easy listening music will hear hints of Ricki and Jim's musical influences including sounds reminiscent of James Taylor, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Lucinda Williams, Brian Wilson, Vince Gill and the Beatles.

In January 2012, Ricki and Jim released their second CD called SECOS featuring Jon Statham and Elise Lieberth produced by Jon Statham and Jim Hendrick.  Jim Purtell was the executive producer for this CD as well.

Jim and Ricki have entered only two song contests to date and they were finalists in the 2010 Nashville Songdoor Songwriting Contest with a song called "IF I Ever Saw You Again" and they won the 2011 Ft. Myers, FL song contest sponsored by the Ft. Myers News-Press with a song called "If I Close My Eyes".  Both of these winning tunes are on AECOS with ten other songs.

In August 2013, Ricki and Jim released their third collaboration entitled TECOS with 14 songs featuring six excellent vocalists.  Jim Hendrick produced the CD and Jim Purtell was the executive producer.

Jim has been actively involved in producing videos to some of the songs with Colleen Miller and Jim Hendrick and the videos can be seen on our Videos page.

Thanks for visiting, Jim & Ricki



Jim PurtellJim Purtell

Jim Purtell is a founding member of the Songwriters of Wisconsin International (SOWI) having attended the first meeting in 1983.  He is one of two active founding members of the organization.  Jim has placed several songs in the SOWI song contests through out the years and won the Modern Country category in 1998 and 1999 and was Songwriter of the Year in SOWI in 1998.

Jim is a guitarist, preferring Martin acoustic guitars, and he played professionally on the road in the mid 1970’s, but has not performed since.  In recent years, after a lengthy hiatus, Jim has been focusing his efforts on songwriting.

In 2010, Jim co-produced a music video for one of his songs called "The Waiting Goes On" and it garnered a Telly Award for video excellence.

Jim is affiliated with BMI and he teamed up with partner Ricki E. Bellos in June 2010.  Now Jim focuses on melody composition and his partner writes the lyrics.

In May 2011, Jim and Ricki released their first CD of original songs called AECOS (an eclectic collection of songs) featuring Jon Statham and Lisa Mowry.  The songs are of several different genres including contemporary folk, Americana, modern country, adult contemporary, pop and urban folk.

Jim and friends co-produced a music video currently on for their song "If I Close My Eyes", a mellow reflection about island life on Ft. Myers Beach, Matlacha and Lovers Key.  The video was filmed at several locations in southwest Florida and in Appleton, WI.

Jim completed another music video and this one was filmed at his house in Oshkosh, WI in the Summer of 2011 with his sister Colleen Miller's help to a Bellos/Purtell composition called "Almost There".  It's likely there will be more videos in their future.

Ricki BellosRicki Bellos

Ricki suffered for a long time from serious stage fright, yet she wanted an outlet for her creativity.  It took her several years to decide that songwriting would be the vehicle to express her artistic feelings.  After playing the guitar for thirty years, Ricki had only eight songs completed.  She decided to get serious about writing and to date she has written music and lyrics to over 100 songs.

Ricki won an Honorable Mention in the SongDoor International Songwriting Competition in 2007 and 2009 competing as a soloist.  In June 2010, she met fellow songwriter Jim Purtell through their local songwriting group, Songwriters of Wisconsin International.  Jim approached Ricki about co-writing and she thought they’d write a few songs and then go their separate ways.  Ricki had written with other writers, and continues to do so, but her experience at that time was composing melodies to other writer’s lyrics.  Jim wanted to reverse the process and have Ricki write lyrics to his melodies.  What began as a songwriting experiment has blossomed into a songwriting partnership.  Jim composes all of the melodies and Ricki writes all of the lyrics.  Ricki and Jim have written over 80 songs since their partnership began in June 2010.



"I enjoyed it very much.  It sounds great and the songs are beautiful & effective.  I love the combination singing male & female Jon & Lisa.  My favorite track so far is "If I Ever Saw You Again".  Sounds like Artists who are out there doing it with these wonderful songs behind them."

Mike Caro, New York

"I listened two times through, and thoroughly enjoyed it!  This is an AWESOME accomplishment.  The lyrics are terrific and the harmonies are soooo good. "

"Out Of Place" is very moving.  I'd have to say my Top Two are "If This Is Love" and "Angelina"...with a close third "If I Ever Saw You Again".  I think the themes are so universal and appealing.

Beth Williams, Boston

"I've been enjoying it very much.  I just listened again after perhaps a week and frankly -- I still enjoyed it as much...."

"I cannot criticize a single thing --- production wise and musically/melodically, my hats off to you and the team!!"

"There's a nice flow to the whole.  I also feel that you manage to come across as a 'Band' - don't know if that was a goal -- but I did think in terms of Fleetwood Mac and how many voices/styles/writing...."

"The Harmonies are terrific -- hats off to the singers.  I found the male singer in particular very easy on the ears -- maybe addictive, particularly because of that most fabulous vocal run he does on one word near the end of Surrender --- my favorite song -- close second Angelina and ending on Unwind, great!."

"If I Close My Eyes --- comes to mind long after the CD is done....... I personally will continue to enjoy this."

Joice Marie, New Hampshire


"An eclectic collection of songs indeed - it felt like I had the radio tuned to an imaginary channel that plays adult pop songs that have intelligent lyrics."

"My favorites were Do It Right, If I Ever Saw You Again, Angelina, If I Close My Eyes, and Wish You Well.  The CD had a nice sequence too with a highly catchy number leading it off and its lyrical bookend coming next.  Unwind (very cool intro there) was a nice one to end on too.  If Ever I Saw You Again probably resonated with me the most because I have lived that lyric."

Scott Campbell, FL


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